The Drone invasion will next be seen in New Mexico, Ontario Ca, and New Jersey, click here for more details


The film asks the question: Is it the drone that society seeks to regulate or is the actual truth hidden from our view?


The film features the leading drone experts from around the globe. Lawyers, Pilots, Manufacturers, and fans discuss the drone industry with us.


The documentary is currently in production and will feature interviews and stories of many different people in countries all over the world who use drones for a variety of helpful purposes

The Drone Invasion | A film by David Oneal

Drones are generally thought of as killing machines used by the military to hunt down terrorists.
Drones are known as effective killing machinesand their use in war and peace have been the subject of controversy.

In recent years Drones have appeared in the consumer and commercial space and are said to be able to deliver packages from Amazon, help find missing persons, deliver pizzas, aid in agriculture and help fight fires. But for all the promises of drone technology, there is one thing stopping this forward momentum and that is Fear. People fear for their privacy, fear the use by police, fear for their children and fear of a world where flying robots rule us all.  

The Drone Invasion is a documentary film by Director David Oneal, that explores the myths, the promises, and the current reality of drones today.
Dozens of experts in Drone technology come together on the screen to answer the simple question of “Are Drones Good?"

David and Sarah Oneal, hosts of That Drone Show, announced the date of the world premiere of The Drone Invasion documentary.

The premiere will took place at 5.30pm on Friday 23 September 2016 at the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles (DTLA Film Festival). 
The Drone Invasion is an important movie which sees celebrities and leading drone experts confront popular myths about drones and answer the question ‘are drones good?’

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The Drone Invasion


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